Quality Management

Akribes Biomedical is committed to delivering high-quality products and treatments, which are designed based on excellent research and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. To achieve our goal, we rely on an effective quality management system, careful selection of suppliers, and a highly qualified and committed team.

TÜV Süd granted an ISO 13485:2016 Certificate for the Quality Management System (QMS) at Akribes, confirming that it complies with the high standard for medical devices.
The certificate covers the scope of “Design and Development, Production and Sales of lab-on-a-chip devices and IVD software for diagnostics and therapy recommendation for chronic/non-healing wounds.

  • Akribes ISO 13485:2016 Certificate – english [DOWNLOAD]
  • Akribes ISO 13485:2016 Zertifikat – deutsch [DOWNLOAD]
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