June 07, 2024

FORCE REPAIR update with an animated illustration of the EU project and a new online interview with Gabriela Cabral from the Akribes team

The FORCE REPAIR Team has produced an animated video to explain how #FORCEREPAIR strives to advance chronic wound management by developing a smart, multi-functional, and cost-effective 3D-printed wound dressing.

See also the new interview online: “Meet Gabriela Cabral” from the Akribes team


Feb. 02, 2023

Kick-off day for new EU Project FORCE REPAIR: Innovating Chronic Wound Treatment

As a member of a multi-disciplinary and multi-national consortium, Akribes was granted funding by the European Union for the Horizon Europe project entitled FORCE REPAIR, the acronym for “smart and multiFunctional 3D printable prO-Regenerative biologiCal matrix modulating mEchanotRansduction as advancEd theraPy to treAt skIn chRonic wounds.”
The goal of this ambitious project is to improve chronic wound treatment with customized wound dressings by 3D-printing of functionalized bio-inks to relieve skin tension, fight infection, reduce inflammation and support regeneration of healthy tissue.

Please see the FORCE_REPAIR_Press release for more details, and follow the project on the website https://forecepair-wounds.eu and the FORCE REPAIR LinkedIn account.

 Project funded by the European Union